Pricing and version information

The free version provides a basic aircraft booking diary that is always available via the internet.

The paid version which costs £66 per year provides all the facilities of the free version as well as a number of significant advantages to enhance the way you manage your syndicate aircraft. For a typical 6 user syndicate this works out at less than £1 per month per member.

The following provides a list of some of the features and indicates which are included in the free version.

Monthly Diary
Weekly Diary
Daily Diary
List all Future Bookings
Watch Bookings
User created popup messages
Email other syndicate members
Send text messages to other syndicate members
SMS Booking Facility
iCal Calendar
Google Calendar Sync
Aircraft Log
List all Future Diary Notes
Diary Notes
Defect Maintenance
Licence Date Reminders
Personal Links
Syndicate Links
Weight and Balance Calculations
Weight and Balance Graph
Cost Reports
Usage Reports
Usage Graphs
CSV Export
Home Landings Report
Document Storage
Inactive Syndicates
Multi Aircraft
Routine Maintenance
Unlimited Users
Sunrise/Sunset times
Airframe/Engine Log Report
Contact Groups
Send emails with attachments
Status Display

Tip of the Day

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