SMS Booking

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SMS Booking

The SMS booking facility is a powerful facility that allows bookings to be viewed, made, changed and cancelled all via a standard mobile phone with no other special options.


Note: To use the system you have to have your mobile phone number registered on the system so you can be identified and you have to have enough credits.


To use the system you create a standard text message on your mobile phone in a predefined format and then send it to the number 07864 580724


The basic format of all messages is:-


avshared [aircraftreg] [command] [additional options]


Optional words are shown in square brackets [], and if omitted then defaults will be applied


The commands available are status, display, me, book, find, cancel,complete, wx and help


Additional options are specific to each command but will consist of any or all of the following:-



a date in the format ddmmyy, if omitted then today will be assumed, if only the day is given then the first occurrence of that day will be assumed (eg if 15 is given and the current date is the 4th of the month then the 15th of the current month will be assumed, however if the current date is the 18th of the month then the 15th of the following month will be assumed), if a day and a month is specified then the same logic will apply moving to the next year if the given day/month of the current year has passed. To specify an absolute date pass it in full format ddmmyy. Normally it will only be necessary to pass the day unless enquiring/booking more than a month ahead



a time period in the format hh[:mm]-hh[:mm] (eg 10-15, 10:30-15, 10-15:30 etc.), if say just 15 is given then 15-end of day will be assumed, if -14 is given then from start of day (or from now + any time delay) to 2PM will be assumed. If the time period is omitted completely then from the start of the day (or now + any time delays) to the end of the day will be assumed



The booking length in hours, eg 3 (if omitted then the default booking period of 2 hours will be assumed)


Tip: Although initially seemingly complex the details pages give numerous examples and once the basics have been understood it is actually very easy.