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This area contains links where you can change your settings. The following options are available:-


My Details - this allows you to set your preferences and other details

My Warnings - Allows you to setup your warnings like Medical, IMC renewal etc

Change Password - allows you to change your password.

Links/Bookmarks - allows you to maintain links to other websites eg weather or notam sites

Weight and Balance - allows you to do weight and balance calculations and produce a graph

Flight Plan - opens a PDF flight plan that can be filled in and then printed

Logout - logs you out from the system

iCalendar - if you have a device that supports the iCal format then you can have bookings, warnings and diary notes appear as calendar events. Typical devices that support the iCal format are smartphones, tablets and some desktop PC programs like Outlook

My Google - if you have a Google calendar then you can have your bookings automatically synced to your calendar so that they will appear as events in your calendar.