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My Details

This page allows you to enter your basic details such as your preferences and expiry dates etc. The majority of entries are self explanatory however the following might be helpful on some fields:-


Email address is required for the system to send you emails of expiring dates and also for other member to send you emails through the system

The notify method specifies how you would like to be informed of changes to watched bookings. The quickest and best method is by SMS

Mobile number is needed to send you SMS messages concerning watched bookings, for others to send SMS messages to you and also if you want to make use of the SMS booking facility. The mobile number should be entered with the country code followed by the mobile number (without the zero) without any spaces (eg 447712345678)

SMS Credit displays how many messages you are in credit, this cannot be changed by you and gets reduced by one each time you send an SMS message, to puchase more credits click on the relevant link where you can buy credits using a credit card

Delay required in hours to accept a booking. This is used for finding a booking slot using the sms facility

The notes field can be used to enter any details you like


If you set the notify method to SMS then the cost of receiving SMS messages of changed bookings will come off your SMS credits



The actual warnings are setup under My Warnings.