Monthly Diary

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Monthly Diary

This is the default page that is displayed following login (although in my details you can change this). This is the best page to get an overall view of the bookings as you can see over a month at a time.


Monthly diary on PC

Monthly diary on PC

The top of the page allows navigation to previous/next month and to the current month. Days in the selected month are displayed in white whilst days before and after the current month are displayed in light grey. The current day (todays date) is displayed in green.


Each day is displayed in a single box. If there is one or more diary notes against the day they will be displayed at the top of that day's box, similarly any personal or aircraft warnings will be displayed at the top. Bookings for a day are displayed in the day box with the time period of the booking, the member holding the booking and any description about the booking. If a note was also entered when making the booking then a note icon is also displayed and moving the mouse over the icon will display the note.


Multi day bookings can be identified as they will display as All Day and/or To/End.


To add a booking

Click on the Plus sign on the day the booking should start, this will take you to the Booking Maintenance page.


Note: Even though you will be taken to the booking maintenance page for that day the booking can be made to span several days and does not have to start on the day selected.


To change/delete/watch a booking

Click on the time of the booking and you will be taken to the amend booking page where the booking can be changed or deleted


Tip: to go to the daily diary for a specific date click on the relevant day number.