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Log Entry

You are taken to this page to either add a new log entry or to amend/delete an existing entry.


Log Maintenance opened on the Basic Tab

Log Maintenance opened on the Basic Tab


The page has a tabbed setup where you can select either Basic Details (where basic details of the flight are recorded) or Defects/Comments (where you can enter any recorded defects or other comments)


The details are fairly self explanatory but note the following:-


The date will initially display the date that your booking started on but you can change it to any date, this is for when you have booked the aircraft for several days and need to record several flights on different days within your booked time slot. In fact the logged date/times does not actually have to be within your booked time period at all.

The pilot's name will initially be the name of the member the booking was made in but can be changed to any of the members to handle the case when 2 (or more) members share a booking and maybe one flies the outbound leg and another the inbound leg.

Departure and Arrival airports will default to the base airfield but can be changed

Depending on you syndicate settings you may also be required to enter hobbs and/or tacho details

Take off and Landing details are used for the 90 day rule. Home land/home T&G (touch and go) are used for cost reports.

The fuel state helps the next booking to know the rough contents of the fuel tanks prior to their flight. For multiple flight within the same booking it is only of use to enter the fuel state on the last log entry.

If you enter any defects you will be taken to the defect maintenance page to enter further details.