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The AvShareD system is a web site that allows for the easy management of group owned aircraft. The system maintains a booking diary where members can view existing bookings as well as adding, amending or deleting their own bookings. There is also the ability to manage the Aircraft Journey Log, maintenance planning as well as many other features that will assist in the overall group management.


There are 2 versions of the system:-


A free version - provides the basic bookings diary, the free version can be upgraded to the paid version at any time by paying a small annual subscription

Paid for version - provides the basic bookings diary but adds lots of other functionality to greatly simplify and enhance the group management



This help system documents the full system so if you are using the free version some of the options will not be available. To see pricing information and a list of features and which version they are available in click here.


Throughout this documentation it is assumed that the reader is familiar with standard web browsing techniques like clicking and following hyperlinks and using navigation menus.


For quick tips and help see the Frequently asked questions section.


If you are new to the system it is suggested you review some of the features available and then proceed to the getting started section.



Access to this help manual is available on the website.