Getting Started

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Getting Started

The use of the web site will be fairly straight forward to most people familiar to accessing web sites. The site uses a responsive design so that it adapts its display depending on the device being used.


Quick links to the Status page and the Email Support page are provided and by clicking on the AvShareD logo you are returned to your startup page.


Entering dates and times are frequently required throughout the system. Please refer to the Dates and Times section for general guidance on how to handle this.



When first using the system it is suggested the following steps are performed:-


Setup Syndicate details, such as address

Seup Aircraft details to define expiry dates, costs etc.

Add Users for your syndicate

Setup My Details to define your expiry dates (eg Medical etc) and your contact details and preferences


Note: some items will only be available to users with a higher level of authority.



If any term is unfamiliar then please refer to the glossary to see if there is an explanation.