Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

This section gives solutions to some common problems and indicates where further information can be obtained.


Tip: the following gives some basic trouble shooting advice, however if you are in any doubt or having ongoing difficulties you should consult system support for specific advice by using the email support link.


I do not appear to have the same menu options as others in my syndicate

The options available on each menu will depend on the authority level assigned to you. The higher authority you have the more options will be available to you. Also what options your syndicate has paid for will determine what items appear on your menu. To try different levels goto Switch Level.


How do I quickly return to my home page

Click on the AvShareD logo to quickly return to your home/startup page. You can define which is your startup page under My Details.


Whenever I go into report selection the start date is a long time in the past

The start date defaults to the Last Cost Date as setup under aircraft details. This would normally be the date when the last invoice was raised for syndicate members.


I have forgotten my password

On the logon form click the Need Help? link which will take you to a page where you can request a new password.


One of our members is not getting the email with their password details

On the users page check that their email address is setup correctly, typical error include using .com instead of or perhaps missing a full stop


Can I reset the password for a member

On the users page you can reset their password, this will result in them receiving an email with a new password