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The online booking system has several features that provide a number of significant benefits over a traditional paper or simple public diary system. Whilst some of these features will be available using specific packages on your own PC the AvShareD system makes all these facilities available to you and members of your group.


Diary features

Available 24 hours a day, every day of the year means that you can make and check bookings at any time.

Ability to watch bookings means that you can receive automatic notification if a booking is changed.

Automatic reminders of expiring dates

SMS facility that allows bookings to be made by sending a simple text message.

Sunrise and sunset times automatically displayed for your base airfield

iCal support to allow the diary to be synchronised with your desktop or smartphone calendar

Diary notes can be added for a day or a range of days (perhaps the airfield out of action or no fuel available)


Aircraft features

Flight feedback means that the Aircraft Flying logbook is available online so you can check hours to next maintenance, defects and fuel state before arrival for your flight

Quick status page to show the most important aircraft (and personal) details prior to a flight

Automatic maintenance planning and email reminder to the member responsible for maintenance.

Defect maintenance together with rectification notes

Warning emails of expiring dates like insurance, annual etc.


Syndicate features

Ability to upload documents (GPS Manual, POH, Insurance certificate etc) so they can be viewed or downloaded by any member.

Cost reports (also available in excel format) and usage graphs

Ability to contact other group members via email, SMS or popup message when they next log in.

Assign different authority levels for members as well as being able to assign a login for a booking secretary and the maintenance organisation if desired.


Personal features

Quick status page to show the most important details prior to a flight.

The flying logbook can be printed (or exported in excel format) for all or just your own flights, thereby providing a personal logbook.

Ability to maintain personal links to other websites (for example your favourite weather, NOTAM site etc)

Warning emails of expiring dates (eg Medical, IMC etc) and when approaching/exceeded the ninety day rule

Weight and Balance calculations