Aircraft Weight and Balance

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Aircraft Weight and Balance

This is where the aircraft basic weight and balance figures are entered. These figures are used in the personal weight and balance page and to produce the graph.


Weight and Balance setup

Weight and Balance setup


Note: Extreme care must be taken in entering these details and if in any doubt then please ask for assistance from support.



Note: All figures must be entered in Lbs and inches, although when actually performing weight and balance calculations any units may be used.


The majority of entries are self explanatory but the following fields require careful entry:-


Envelope - This is a series of x,y coordinates each separated by a comma that denote the allowable c of g range. The following is a typical entry for a Piper Archer 82,1200,82,2050,88.5,2550,93,2550


Fuel Details - this is a series of comma separated entries detailing the various fuel tanks on the aircraft (typically only one but if more than one then just enter them one after the other. The following is a typical entry for a Piper Archer Wing Tanks,95,0 The first entry gives the tanks a name, the second gives the moment and the last gives any maximum weight (in this case zero indicates no maximum)


Load Details - this is similar to the fuel and is a series of comma separated entries each made up of 3 parts as for the fuel entry. The following example is taken from a Piper Archer Front Seats,80.5,0,Rear Seats,118.1,0,Hold,142.8,200 This represents 3 load areas named 'Front Seats', 'Rear Seats' and 'Hold' respectively. The moments for each of these load areas are 80.5, 118.1 and 142.8 respectively, and finally the two first areas have no maximum limit (signified by a 0 in each case) but the third (the hold) has a maximum loading of 200Lbs.


Note: The example figures are for illustration only and should not be used in any actual situation. If you are in any doubt please contact us at support and we will provide the figures for you.